Inspiration: ATELIER BINGO


Atelier Bingo is a duo who have a common passion for illustration, graphic arts and pattern design. They specialise in making screen-printed posters, using not only different artistic techniques, collage, gouache, pens and inks but also various shades of colour combinations to create electrifying artworks. It was this electrifying artworks that inspired us to make this collection; abstract bananas, abstract forms, abstract lines and ripped paper abstract pattern.


For the creations we used Ecoline to paint all the designs and digital work as well, mainly Adobe Illustrator. Besides the original designs, another thing that caught our eye is the combination of colours. Blues, pinks, yellows and the details in black, appear in all of the four designs, all inspired by Atelier Bingo.

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Expressive Prints | Cassie Byrnes


A couple of weeks ago, we launched a new range of phone cases inspired by Australian based textile designer, Cassie Byrnes whose work reflects her love for colour and nature.

The collection; Abstract Texture, Abstract Pattern, Colour Block and Abstract Leaves is already proving popular through their colours, shapes and unique textures.


Although Cassie specialises in fabrics, she also works with ceramics and paper with the theme of colour and expression running through everything she does.

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NEW: Inspired by Marni


This week, we have taken inspiration from one of our favourite luxury brand, Marni, who have brought us, not only with their amazing classic and contemporary designs but also vibrant and unique prints.

For the collection of phone cases, we took inspiration in creating four designs that will bright your phone. Just like Marni did on the catwalk of SS19 show in Milan.

Colours like red, pink and yellow make their presence known in this collection:


If you liked this collection of phone cases, make sure to follow the next posts. We take our daily inspiration from luxury brands, artists and fashion trends for new prints every week.

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Trend: (Body) ELEMENTS Collection


Body part illustrated prints is a trending pattern that is being used on clothes, accessories and even home decorations. It’s a hot trend that people are going crazy about. From eyes to hands and boobs, this is a symbol of feminism for the most.

Lazy Oaf and Urban Outfitters are good examples of brands that made these kind of prints very popular.

ELEMENTS MOODBOARDThe most common colours on this collection are pastel colours like pink, peach and mint. However, if you’re not into any of these colours, we have them in more colours such as the boob print case in yellow and black.


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Painted Wolves – The new animal print

The African wild dog, also known as painted wolf is a canid that inspired us, with their beautiful painted fur, to create two new prints for our tech cases.
painted wolves blog photo moodb
After some research and talk about what animal print we should do next to make it pop-up from the very well known leopard and snake ones (huge trends at the moment) we came up the idea of this creature and after looking at some photos and paintings, the creations was made.

pw photo blog fb 4

pw photo blog fb

Using  watercolour and ecoline (based water paint) the shapes of the animal were painted to transmit the amazing pattern of this animal in the most authentic and unique way. Not only the hand painting was very important for this print but the digital work as well. The images were cleaned in Adobe Photoshop and painted all over to imitate the fur texture.

Available for the latest cases for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.

Tropical Inspirations – New Print

It is a trend and it will always be, tropical theme prints can be versatile with various elements. From the vivid leaves and monstera leaves to the wild birdlife, that was the main inspirations for the creation of this phone case unique print.

moodboard tropical

We selected three elements: monstera leaf, lily buds and leaves. To add detail to the print, we added some painted dots.

For the colours we selected a pallet of summery colours: pinks, yellows, greens and blues.

tropical blog post 2
Harper & Blake Tropical Pattern Phone Case

Tropical prints have become very famous and some of the high street fashion brands are using it for their pieces of clothing and accessories such as Dolce & Gabbana and even Gucci. This print design trend has also grown in notoriety across interiors, prints, home decor and art.

We can find these prints and collections on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. As we may know these prints are here to stay.

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News – John Lewis & Partnership

There’s a lot of news that we are happy to share, regarding our new designs and partnerships. Since our last post here on the blog we have worked to produce and deliver an exclusive collection for John Lewis & Partnership.

The John Lewis collection consists of three of our most popular patterns: Golden detailed Bees, Geometric and Dalmatian on the cases for the iPhone SE/5s, 8/76s and 8/7/6s Plus. In addition to the covers for the iPhones, we also created the cases for the MacBook Air 13” with the Bees and Geometric patterns.


The collection is now available in some of John Lewis & Partners stores and online which you can find here.


We are really excited about this partnership with John Lewis & Partners, especially as it has given us the opportunity to reach more of you.

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