Tropical Inspirations – New Print

It is a trend and it will always be, tropical theme prints can be versatile with various elements. From the vivid leaves and monstera leaves to the wild birdlife, that was the main inspirations for the creation of this phone case unique print.

moodboard tropical

We selected three elements: monstera leaf, lily buds and leaves. To add detail to the print, we added some painted dots.

For the colours we selected a pallet of summery colours: pinks, yellows, greens and blues.

tropical blog post 2
Harper & Blake Tropical Pattern Phone Case

Tropical prints have become very famous and some of the high street fashion brands are using it for their pieces of clothing and accessories such as Dolce & Gabbana and even Gucci. This print design trend has also grown in notoriety across interiors, prints, home decor and art.

We can find these prints and collections on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. As we may know these prints are here to stay.

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News – John Lewis & Partnership

There’s a lot of news that we are happy to share, regarding our new designs and partnerships. Since our last post here on the blog we have worked to produce and deliver an exclusive collection for John Lewis & Partnership.

The John Lewis collection consists of three of our most popular patterns: Golden detailed Bees, Geometric and Dalmatian on the cases for the iPhone SE/5s, 8/76s and 8/7/6s Plus. In addition to the covers for the iPhones, we also created the cases for the MacBook Air 13” with the Bees and Geometric patterns.


The collection is now available in some of John Lewis & Partners stores and online which you can find here.


We are really excited about this partnership with John Lewis & Partners, especially as it has given us the opportunity to reach more of you.

Harper&Blake –

Design With Harper & Blake: Gold Marble & Graphic Studs

Here at Harper & Blake this week, we have two beautiful new prints to present to you; Gold Marble and Graphic Studs!

gold marble facebook

The first print we’d like to introduce to you this week is our new arrival ‘Gold Marble’! We have taken a modern approach to the classic marble print to produce for you a timeless yet unique print. Inspired by Harper, this simple colour palette of pastel blue and sensuous gold embodies glamour and sophistication. It expresses a graceful and elegant personality, whilst portraying a fashion-forward attitude.

graphic studs phone case on a mac notebook

Our second print of the week, ‘Graphic Studs’ conveys a bold and daring personality of the headstrong woman. A structured print, combined with a striking purple; the design expresses independence and power as the case certainly grabs attention.

Both cases this week are so gorgeous and noteworthy we simply can’t decide between the two! Which one is your favourite?

For more prints, visit the Harper & Blake website.