The Creation of our Nightfalls Instagram Campaign

This week we welcome our new print design intern Caitlin, a fashion illustration student from London College of Fashion, and with her arrival we have introduced a new creative campaign concept for Instagram. Monday consisted of a creative thinking and mind-mapping meeting with both our new talented illustrator and our fantastic photography intern, Rakshita, to share ideas about how we can communicate our new collection to the public. We took influence from top designer’s, classic painters and surrealism to establish the visual style that we intend to adapt to be in keeping with Harper & Blake’s own handwriting. The new collection is collectively titled: Nightfalls, and takes inspiration from many earthly and unearthly subject matters – hence the surrealism references.

Caitlin took no time at all to get stuck into further research for the social media artworks, compiling a suitable colour pallet to portray the main inspirations and mood behind Nightfalls. Pencil and paint then began covering pages in the most exciting manner… and this was just for the drafting of ideas! From this we selected the subjects for each of the posts. Harper & Blake will post images consisting of both handcrafted and digitalised media, with the first eight hinting at the collection through inspirational themes. The final four of our twelve Instagram campaign artworks will release to the public some of the products in the new collection through illustration. With the Nightfalls range consisting of four types of products: phone cases, MacBook cases, luxury silk scarves and leather pouches, we intend to showcase each of these separately.

Our first post will have a universal feel to it. Caitlin has used a loose abstract style to produce an interesting, mesmerising and colourful background in watercolour paints. This background has then been combined with paper craft and the use of digital media for the more detailed foreground. Multiple large blobs of white acrylic was used in the process, as it always seems to be with any form of an artistic painting process! With just the last little bits of digital refinement to make to the first piece, we intend to work hard in order to share our collection with the public very soon. We are very excited to finally show our beautiful work to the Harper & Blake community and cannot wait for the feedback. Impressed and intrigued by Caitlin’s illustrations so far we are interested to see her future creations and how she portrays Nightfalls throughout the campaign.


Design with Harper & Blake: Glossy Butterfly and Woven Wood

Harper & Blake Butterfly iPhone CaseDesign with Harper & Blake (#DesignWithHB) is a campaign aimed at bringing you our latest original designs weekly all influenced by the world around us, taking final form in our two contrasting alter-egos, Harper & Blake.

This week we have two very exciting prints to share with you, bold, bright and beautiful we’re bringing a little bit of summer to your look with this week’s ‘Glossy Butterfly’ and ‘Woven Wood’.

Something new, this week’s ‘Glossy Butterfly’ iPhone case comes under both Harper and Blake personalities – who’d have thought that would ever happen?! Due to its realistic muse, bright colours and overall the simplicity of this delicate design we just couldn’t choose who it would fit best! Complimented with a glossy finish in the print itself, this accessory is one to bring summer but texture to any outfit.

Our second print for this week, ‘Woven Wood’ iPhone case is one clearly created with Harper in mind. Taking inspiration from the artist Josef Albers, geometric compositions, textures and tones were all key in the birth of this minimalistic lovers dream. Exploring classic print techniques; mixing stripes and checks the simplistic structure of this design is what makes it so unique. Wooden textures contrasting with monochrome and a splash of colour defines Harper’s style. Simple, clean cut and stylish. This case is definitely on my wish list!

We’re in love with both of this weeks prints, we just can’t decide between the two! Are you a Harper or a Blake?

For more prints, visit the Harper & Blake website

Harper & Blake AW16 Collection Overview

via Pinterest
via Pinterest


Earlier this week, we revealed that we are launching our first collection of scarves for the Autumn Winter 16.

The collection, titled “Predators”, is inspired by nature and its wild animals and features references to the key foundations of our brand which are strength and ambition.

The collection features eight original hand drawn silk scarves. Four of the scarves are of minimalistic style to reflect Harper’s personality and the other four are edgier to reflect Blake’s personality.

All of the prints have been designed by hot print designer, Alina Zamanova who once worked under the print textile department at Alexander McQueen. Prints within the collection include birds, leopard, crocodile and octopus.

Currently, the scarf designs are being printed onto fabric at Silk Bureau and we plan to have some samples made next week in time for a photo shoot.


Harper & Blake AW16 Collection and Launch Party



AW16 harper moodboard AW16 blake moodboard

A few weeks ago we began designing our first collection of fashion scarves, inspired by wild animals. We are now in the process of creating the samples which we are really excited about.

We have also been planning an event during next month’s London Fashion Week to showcase the collection and have just designed the digital invitation for this which we will be sending out  in a couple of weeks.