Instagram, Marketing Campaigns and Preparing for Cyber Monday

Like Twitter, this week Harper & Blake have faced challenges: with various technical difficulties including Photoshop refusing to comply with our requests and eventually refusing to open at all.  But after various frustrating attempts to rescue files and the program itself, we are finally back producing creative, visual, digital content. Despite the modern malfunctions we... Continue Reading →


Luxury Boutique Presence, Halloween and New Materials

One week at Harper & Blake is never the same as the next, however a week full of variation and creativity is guaranteed. Our lookbook photoshoot is to take place tomorrow so we have been busy finalising styling plans, sourcing props and ensuring the studio is sorted so that the day can run as smoothly... Continue Reading →

Planning, Branding and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Cases

We had high expectations for this week at Harper & Blake and they have definitely not been disappointed. With many milestones met and brilliant prospects proposed, the future continues to look exceptionally exciting for us. We have had various important meetings with stockists and Harper & Blake’s factory production manager these past few days, discussing... Continue Reading →

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