Look! Lovely Laptop Sleeves

This week we have been busy preparing for the launch of our new product, the printed laptop sleeve. We have made sure these soft covers are available in two different sizes: 12-13” and 14-15”, so as to be suitable for MacBook, HP, Sony, Acer, Lenovo and Dell models. The sizing also means the case can be used to store notebooks in.


As with all of our products, the laptop sleeves feature beautiful prints including some of our most popular designs. We also offer personalisation of the items. This option is available on the Harper & Blake website and includes adding the desired initials.The front of the laptop sleeves are covered with the print whereas the backs are black. The cover is comprised of neoprene with cloth and the zip fastening features two pull tabs, this means that the product is flexible and ideal for transporting.



Introducing our Venomous Silk Scarves

This week has seen the launch of our new collection of silk scarves on the Harper & Blake website. Titled Venomous, this collection looks at some of the most poisonous creatures of both the physical and mythical world. Our talented designer has produced a collection of eight beautiful scarves: four artworks for the Harper minimalist, and four for the Blake maximalist.

Each of the four stories of the minimalist relates to that of the maximalist and vice versa. We have made snakes key in this collection, with them featuring in three of the four stories. Animal print is a particular style favourite of ours, so we have carefully selected suitable colour pallets for classic and bold looks and created an abstract take on the timeless snakeskin scale print. In addition, we have looked at the deadly reptiles in more detail and created a more direct depiction of them in our second story. The long, flexible creatures were perfect to create stylish, elegant patterns from and worked perfectly when paired with the gorgeous yet harmful plants of the wild. The depiction of mythical Gorgon Medusa: a jealous female in a monster form with venomous snakes for hair, features in one of the collection’s scarves. The creative description of the sculpture-like bust is supported by a background consisting of snake shadows, making the mythic design even more endearing. In contrast, mushrooms have been the prime article of inspiration for the pairing Blake print. White follicles outlined in yellow and on a red background provide the ideal colour pallet for the bold maximalist that wishes to dress up a plain outfit. Finally, our last story looks in more detail at delicate yet deadly plantlife. The stripes flower silk scarves combine the timeless but on-trend stripe pattern with a floral foreground. Slightly more subtle for the classic minimalist: the Harper design features a pastel colour pallet. Both designs depict the vegetation in an almost scientific dictionary-esque style.


The Venomous collection of luxury and stylish Silk Scarves are all made to order in our London Studio from silk modal. We have worked hard to source the best manufacturers to produce our large (136cm square) neckties. The complex and sophisticated designs are printed with the best quality finish and carefully machine hem finished.

Each with their own specific story, these irresistible designs are a perfect chic staple for your accessory wardrobe to be used any time of the year. Their large style ensures that they can be styled in multiple ways depending on the wearer and occasion. Roll and secure in place with a brooch for a more elegant look, or simply fold in half and wrap around the neck for a more casual-everyday style.

After also creating creative banners for our platforms to promote the launch and beautiful artwork of the Venomous silk scarf collection we are excited to see what you, the public think of the classic, creative collection.

The Creation of our Nightfalls Instagram Campaign

This week we welcome our new print design intern Caitlin, a fashion illustration student from London College of Fashion, and with her arrival we have introduced a new creative campaign concept for Instagram. Monday consisted of a creative thinking and mind-mapping meeting with both our new talented illustrator and our fantastic photography intern, Rakshita, to share ideas about how we can communicate our new collection to the public. We took influence from top designer’s, classic painters and surrealism to establish the visual style that we intend to adapt to be in keeping with Harper & Blake’s own handwriting. The new collection is collectively titled: Nightfalls, and takes inspiration from many earthly and unearthly subject matters – hence the surrealism references.

Caitlin took no time at all to get stuck into further research for the social media artworks, compiling a suitable colour pallet to portray the main inspirations and mood behind Nightfalls. Pencil and paint then began covering pages in the most exciting manner… and this was just for the drafting of ideas! From this we selected the subjects for each of the posts. Harper & Blake will post images consisting of both handcrafted and digitalised media, with the first eight hinting at the collection through inspirational themes. The final four of our twelve Instagram campaign artworks will release to the public some of the products in the new collection through illustration. With the Nightfalls range consisting of four types of products: phone cases, MacBook cases, luxury silk scarves and leather pouches, we intend to showcase each of these separately.

Our first post will have a universal feel to it. Caitlin has used a loose abstract style to produce an interesting, mesmerising and colourful background in watercolour paints. This background has then been combined with paper craft and the use of digital media for the more detailed foreground. Multiple large blobs of white acrylic was used in the process, as it always seems to be with any form of an artistic painting process! With just the last little bits of digital refinement to make to the first piece, we intend to work hard in order to share our collection with the public very soon. We are very excited to finally show our beautiful work to the Harper & Blake community and cannot wait for the feedback. Impressed and intrigued by Caitlin’s illustrations so far we are interested to see her future creations and how she portrays Nightfalls throughout the campaign.

Design with Harper & Blake: Green Plant Leaves

Here at Harper & Blake we are happy to introduce our newest phone case, the Green Plant Leaves! The case consists of a mint green background with contrasting dark, green leaves! The texture and 3D effect of the leaves makes this case bold and unique and creates a natural vibe! While this case is minimalist, and perfect for any Harper, the unique print will add colour, and tone, to any outfit!

Check it out at our website!

facebook blog green palm leaves zoomed

This case is available for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, Samsung S8 and Google Pixel XL.


Design with Harper & Blake: Neon Granite Black

*New product alert*. Due to the popularity of our pink Neon Granite case we bring you the Neon Granite phone case in Black. Although this case is part of Harper’s collection, we believe the design contrasts the simple and the bold. The black granite base and mustard, green and brown tones are minimalistic, while the abstract irregularity of the flecks and the eye-catching red, white and yellow make it quirky and unique. We love this design which embodies both the styles the band represents, demonstrating that they both contrast and compliment each other.


This case is available for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, Samsung S8 and Google Pixel XL.


Design With Harper & Blake

A collage of Harper & Blake weekly prints from April to May 2016.
A collage of Harper & Blake weekly prints from April to May 2016.

Design with Harper & Blake, hashtagged #DesignWithHB or #DesignWithHarperAndBlake, is our latest campaign with a mission to keep you up to date with the new designs based on the personalities of Harper and Blake.

Started last month, we have committed to creating new designs every week, each a reflection of the two different identities and attitudes of Harper and Blake. We want people to channel their inner Harper or Blake, or even combination of the two with our bright and fun phone cases. Phone cases are the easiest accessory to flaunt in your day to day life, so when choosing your next phone case we want you to answer one question; what’s your print mood of the day?

Fresh new designs, innovative prints and the perfect storm of Harper and Blake’s styles are just a few ways of describing the latest campaign we have instore for you.

The prints that are created weekly are available for the iPhone and Samsung cases and can be purchased on the Harper & Blake website. Up until this point, we have created numerous phone cases with fabulous prints which we hope you will enjoy.

Our latest designs, the street granite and abstract landscape , were released today and can be found on our website, along with all other smart phone cases.

harper & blake phone cases
(Top left; Geometric, top middle; Tropical Abstract, top right; Glitter Feathers, bottom left; Burst Houndstooth, bottom middle; Zebra Seas, bottom right; Marble Chevron)


Harper & Blake Stylist: New Arrival-Must Haves

Time to catch up with our Harper & Blake Stylist Sophie Drury as she shares on, well… Everything Harper & Blake! Take a look at some of her summer must-haves all available from www.harperandblake.co.uk now.

Summer’s here so we all know what that means, summer wardrobes! If you caught last weeks post you’ll of seen my top summer wardrobe picks so I thought this week I’d do a part 2 with a round up of my favourite summer must-haves from where else but, Harper & Blake?! Read on to see my top picks from the New In section along with a couple of how to style tips too! Enjoy!


Pop Panther Phone Case– Inspired by the art techniques of Andy Warhol; Harper & Blake bring to you this perfect pop panther case, one of my absolute favourite new arrivals! An abstract silhouette on one of this seasons most used colours this case this the perfect accessory to brighten up any minimal look. Style with vintage denim, Stan Smith trainers and an off the shoulder shirt for a casual summer day time look!pop_leopard_1024x1024


Colour Block Geometric Phone Case (Grey)– Block colours are a minimalists dream (if we were to wear colour at all!) This being said this pretty little case includes the perfect collection of colours most commonly found in any minimalists wardrobe. The simplicity of this case makes it the perfect cover for any outfit, from loungewear to evening this is a case I’m never taking off of my phone! Style with absolutely anything!geometric_grey_1024x1024


Funkactus Phone Case– I’ve already mentioned this case in a previous post but it had to be included within my summer must-haves! A bright and bold case perfect for both Harper & Blake personalities, this colourful illustration is one to bring sunshine to even our typically British rainy summer days. Style with an over sized white shirt, black culottes, ankle boots finished with a fedora. funky_cactus_orange_1024x1024 (1)

What’s your favourite from the Harper & Blake New Arrivals? Let us know in the comments below! As always don’t hesitate to get in touch either, comment, share and like below! Until next Wednesday!