Christmas Party, Learning Basic SEO and New iPad Cases

This week Shed London hosted a Christmas party for all its residents located there. We attended the event and had a great time catching up with the other companies in the co-working space, along with their friends and family. It was great to learn how everyone got on in 2017,  particularly Adam Goodison who showed some of his prints featured in Satoori magazine and answering questions about his work and the prints. Adam Goodison is an art and still file photographer based in London. Apart from Satoori magazine, Adam’s work has been published in Wonderland, Volt Hunger and Tank and has worked with renowned brands such as House of Holland, Burberry and Givenchy.

There was a great selection of delicious wines available. All wines were made by skilled artisan winemakers who take pride in doing things the proper way, which somehow added to the taste and enjoyment.

In the office this week, we have been focusing on brushing up on our Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) knowledge. SEO is a key part of any digital brand’s development and we’re keen to have a firm grasp of the core concept and practices in order to improve our search traffic. We have found Moz’s beginner guide to SEO extremely helpful  SEO guides and plan to put our learning into practice in the New Year.

Another area we have looked at this week is blogger relations. We have planning our blogger relations program. We have also been sifting through the masses of fashion and lifestyle bloggers in order to discover the ideal ones to work with. There is an extreme amount of bloggers worldwide, and so the research process is expansive. However, we are remaining true to our creative ethos and values and are beginning to compile a list of prospective bloggers to build relations with and potentially collaborate with. With further ideas for PR and marketing campaigns, we are very much looking forward to what can be achieved in this area in 2018.

We’re also looking forward to expanding our product range in 2018 and ended this year by introducing a new range of iPad cases to our e-shop. The cases are available for iPad 2, 3 iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 2 and feature our most popular designs including White Marble, Peach Marble, Black Marble and Dalmatian. We’re excited to add the latest additions to our e-shop and about our plans for the New Year.

Besides the Christmas party and development in the office our co-resident Unfold Stories, a creative content agency which specialises in virtual reality, immersive, educational experiences, are particularly busy before their Christmas break. Predominantly working with charities and in educational services, the company has just released the film Ayan’s Journey which focuses on the hunger crisis in Somalia. Untold Stories are currently showing their work at festivals and increasing exposure of the amazing, insightful and hard-hitting film and we wish them all the very best for the New Year.


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