Collaboration in full swing, new slogan cases and potential print designer

Our first collaborative photo shoot with Ferran Verges took place this week. With a multitude of brilliant creative ideas from us both we finally managed to refine and combine our parallel creative visions and come up with a beautiful, artistic, yet minimalist concept. Props included nothing other than children’s wooden building bricks spray painted in classic brand colours: black, peach and white, whilst backgrounds stuck to pastel tones and geometric shapes. The shoot was incredibly enjoyable yet productive. We worked with the shadows to produce amazing images that describe our creative cases in the best light, quite literally!  We are excited to see the finished product images from Ferran later this week. Enthused by the collaboration so far we look forward to working with Ferran again in the coming week on our Christmas campaign.

The Christmas shopping extravaganzas that are Black Friday and Cyber Monday were a great success for Harper & Blake. Geometric shapes featured on our Black Friday 20% discount banner, whilst robots walked upon our Cyber Monday marketing campaign. With many loyal customers excited by, and appreciative of the seasonal discounts on our website and the creative imagery that accompanied them, we can’t wait to hear of them enjoying their desired products or how they were received as Christmas gifts!

This week has also included a meeting with our new editorial contributor, Ana Xavier about the prospect of using podcasts to expand our online presence and contact with our followers. We are looking into including interviews with influential people, talks on interesting topics and various “how to” pieces. Ana has had experience working on and with radio, however, we all are podcast novices so we intend to carefully plan and experiment with this media.

Experimentation continued this week with the creation of our new collection of statement slogan phone cases. Inspired by the fall font trend, which designers have used to offer words of encouragement to the female race, we have decided to adopt the idea to inspire the Harper & Blake community. Initially, we have chosen to begin with our minimalist popular prints as backgrounds: peach, white and black marble, as well as bright gradient so that the bold,  creative and luxurious font is highlighted. The first slogan we have started with is “luxury loves me” as we felt this represented our brand and its transition into the luxury market. With many more quotes in mind, we hope to expand the collection soon.

Further exciting developments have been made on the design front this week by interviewing and discussing with our potential new, experienced print designer, Nils. We are unable to disclose much more at present but will be sure to update you as soon as we can.


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