Design With Harper & Blake: Marble Square and Polka Leopard

Design with Harper & Blake (#DesignWithHB) is a campaign aimed at bringing you our latest original designs weekly all influenced by the world around us, taking final form in our two contrasting alter-egos, Harper & Blake.

marble square facebook

For our first design of the week, ‘Marble Square,’ we have a modern geometric take on the timeless marbling print—inspired by Harper. Both sophisticated and playful; we have combined minimalist pastel base tones with a bold, dynamic chevron design in extravagant gold lines.

polka leopard facebook

Our second print of the week; inspired by both Harper and Blake, is called ‘Polka Leopard’. A fabulously bright, bold and edgy design; this funky print will add a bit of excitement to even the most tiresome desktop. A unique combination of the classic blue and white polkadot inspired by Harper and a wacky leopard print in popping candy colours inspired by Blake. For both the classic and the adventurous side of you.

Both of these weeks prints are so pretty we just can’t decide between the two! Are you a Harper or a Blake?

For more prints, visit the Harper & Blake website.


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