Design with Harper & Blake: Coral Treasure and Around The Circle

Design with Harper & Blake (#DesignWithHB) is a campaign aimed at bringing you our latest original designs weekly all influenced by the world around us, taking final form in our two contrasting alter-egos, Harper & Blake.

This week we bring to you two very ‘cool for the summer designs’ guaranteed to add print and style to any look; morning, noon or night, Harper or Blake.

harper & blake coral treasure iphone case

The first of the two, and Harper & Blake Stylist Sophie Drury’s personal favourite for this week is Coral Treasure iPhone Case . A cool, calm and collected print perfect for any Harper or Blake. The simplicity of the block colours with the delicate placement of the print is a look to be lusted really making the print live up to its name. Black, turquoise and gold compliment each other making this the perfect accessory to match any outfit. Whether you’re wanting to place colour pairing with an all monochrome look or go all out and colour/print clash like a true Blake fan would this print is definitely one for you!

harper & blake around the circle iphone case

The second design we bring to you this week is Around the Circle iPhone Case, a colourful print with a playful touch it takes inspiration from all things summer. Although simplicity is key, the colour blocking design really packs a punch with its off balanced layout and contrasting colour scheme making it the perfect piece to add life to an overall look.

We’re in love with both of this weeks prints, we just can’t decide between the two! Are you a Harper or Blake?

For more prints, visit the Harper & Blake website.


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