Harper & Blake Introduces: Cassandre Desbonnets

Photo of Harper & Blake's print designer, Cassandre Desbonnets

This week’s ‘Harper & Blake Introduces’ brings to you the colourful and creative Cassandre Desbonnets, our new print designer taking Harper & Blake and London by storm! 

Originally growing up in the countryside of France, Cassandre left to follow her love of travel, discovering new people and other cultures. With simple tastes, Cassandre spends her time walking in parks, going to the cinema and reading books – a girl after our own hearts! What makes this mind stand out is her love and passion for colour, fashion and textile design.

After completing a master’s degree in textile design and art direction, the french native traveled to London to undertake a work placement with renowned designer Mary Katrantzou. It was there she made her decision to stay in this dynamic city which then lead to begin her work with Harper & Blake.

Currently working on our latest campaign, #DesignWithHarperAndBlake the prints are a reflection of Cassandre’s inspiration and design philosophy. Cassandre explores the worlds of Harper & Blake daily. Creating print stories behind two entities resulting to the perfect storm of minimal and edgy, simple and bright.

At Harper & Blake we live by the mantra “take inspiration from everything”. This is something Cassandre herself believes and feels everything can be an inspiration: the tones of a wall, the colour palette of a florist shop, an architecture shape or a print on a piece of clothing. Often found wandering around design and art exhibitions (the Barbican centre being her favourite in London) Cassandre finds inspiration for the great ways she incorporates design composition, shapes and concepts into her prints. From taking walks around the bustling city, to relaxing in the breathtaking parks, the designer constantly looks to the colours and textures around her.

Last week’s Harper & Blake print, Spring Bamboo is a reflection of exactly this. The colourful and bold floral print is inspired by the blooming of flowers in the spring. The second print designed for last week’s ‘#DesignWithHarperAndBlake’ reveal is Speckled Ink. The designer channeled her inner Harper style to create a hand painted design for all lovers of simplicity and minimalism.

Given Cassandres experience in the fashion industry, we trust her to create high quality designs. Following on from our SS16 scarf collection “Predators” which made its debut in February at London Fashion week, Cassandre has started working on our SS17 collection. Without spoiling the surprise, the topic of the collection is beautiful and dangerous nature, and will be a smooth transition from the previous Predators, but with completely different stories. We cannot wait to see what’s to come.

We would like to think that our future is bright with Cassandre and one which we are thrilled to have this up and coming designer include in.

Harper & Blake wouldn’t be what it is today without the creative minds working behind it. ‘Harper & Blake Introduces’ hopes to share these minds with you!


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