Design with Harper&Blake; Spring Bamboo and Speckled Ink

spring bamboo

Design with Harper & Blake (#DesignWithHB) is a campaign aimed at bringing you our latest original designs weekly all influenced by the world around us, taking final form in our two contrasting alter-egos, Harper & Blake.

Harper & Blake are inspired by life; taking in everyday living, colours, architecture, art, and much more to create unique prints designed for any mood and all personalities. This weeks prints are inspired by daily life in London during the spring, and of course, the styles and personalities of Harper and Blake.

Keeping in tone with the gorgeous weather we’ve recently been having we are pleased to introduce our colourful new prints for this week; Spring Bamboo and Speckled Ink.

Spring Bamboo                                                       Speckled Ink


Suited for Blake’s bold style, Spring Bamboo was inspired by sunny days and the Spring’s influx of flowers in bloom- scenes unmissable throughout London’s parks this season. Available in a range of colours this Blake inspired print is guaranteed to bring positive vibes this summer.


The second print of the week is modelled on Harper’s style. Speckled Ink is a minimalistic print with black, white and nude tones. Harper is all about simplicity with texture, which is exactly what this print is all about. The finish of the ink gives the minimal design a modern twist. Harper’s Speckled Ink print brings a simplistic modern edge to your life and even better, your outfit!


Are you a Harper or Blake this week? With two prints this week in a range of colours, we just can’t decide!

For more prints, visit the Harper & Blake website.


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