Design With Harper & Blake

A collage of Harper & Blake weekly prints from April to May 2016.
A collage of Harper & Blake weekly prints from April to May 2016.

Design with Harper & Blake, hashtagged #DesignWithHB or #DesignWithHarperAndBlake, is our latest campaign with a mission to keep you up to date with the new designs based on the personalities of Harper and Blake.

Started last month, we have committed to creating new designs every week, each a reflection of the two different identities and attitudes of Harper and Blake. We want people to channel their inner Harper or Blake, or even combination of the two with our bright and fun phone cases. Phone cases are the easiest accessory to flaunt in your day to day life, so when choosing your next phone case we want you to answer one question; what’s your print mood of the day?

Fresh new designs, innovative prints and the perfect storm of Harper and Blake’s styles are just a few ways of describing the latest campaign we have instore for you.

The prints that are created weekly are available for the iPhone and Samsung cases and can be purchased on the Harper & Blake website. Up until this point, we have created numerous phone cases with fabulous prints which we hope you will enjoy.

Our latest designs, the street granite and abstract landscape , were released today and can be found on our website, along with all other smart phone cases.

harper & blake phone cases
(Top left; Geometric, top middle; Tropical Abstract, top right; Glitter Feathers, bottom left; Burst Houndstooth, bottom middle; Zebra Seas, bottom right; Marble Chevron)



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