Harper & Blake: the perfect storm

Harper & Blake, an entity of two very different styles combine to make a fierce collection of accessories. With the combination of Harper’s minimalistic edge and Blake’s outgoing and colorful style, together, they create a unique blend of prints.

Harper is the minimalist. A lover of sophistication, modern shapes and sharp colors. Harper is a determined individual with a knack for organization, believing simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

harper mood board

Blake is wild. Blake’s outgoing nature is all about color, patterns and unusual prints. Blake is free as a bird and finds inspiration everywhere. A believer in quirkiness and seeing the world in color.

blake mood board

Together, Harper & Blake create the ultimate collaboration of two individual styles and attitudes to create an accessories collection for all women. With a mission to make women feel confident and empowered the collaboration exudes boldness and sophistication with an edge. Harper & Blake’s collection debut of fashion scarves for the Autumn Winter 2016 collection titled ‘Predators’ is the perfect blend of the two attitudes. The collection  showcases the two personalities into one cohesive collection of modern scarves with bold colors and prints.

Bannerupdated (2)

Along with the printed silk scarves collection, Harper & Blake also collaborate to create unique designs for mobile cases. Printed designs are created each week with a goal to inspire and to bring out individual personalities. Each week inspiration for the prints are posted leading up to the reveal of the new designed mobile case. Every print is designed with the attitudes and styles of Harper & Blake in mind.

harper & blake phone cases

So the question is, are you a Harper or a Blake?


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